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Lincoln on the Battlefield

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McClellan's Other Story

The Political Intrigue of Colonel Thomas M. Key,
Confidential Aide to General George B. McClellan

By William B. Styple
320 Pages, Hardcover, Index, Color Illustrations.

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McClellan's Other Story

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Tell Me of Lincoln

Memories of Abraham Lincoln, the Civil War & Life in Old New York
By James E. Kelly (1855-1933)

In 1919, sculptor and historian James Edward Kelly met with a New England gentleman who had heard Abraham Lincoln speak during his 1860 presidential campaign. The man remembered Lincoln as a strong and vigorous leader of men and not at all slack-looking, downcast or meditative—as he was usually depicted by other sculptors.

Inspired both artistically and historically, Kelly declared, “From that very moment, I became desirous of gathering material to justify me in making him an active, vigorous leader. My ambition was to model President Abraham Lincoln in bronze—the embodiment of the spirit of the time as well as the men whom he led in triumph. From that very moment, I began to actively seek out any living witness who could tell me of Lincoln.”

Kelly conducted a series of interviews and correspondence with many well-known figures who personally knew Abraham Lincoln, and several veteran soldiers who had met or had heard the President speak, and even the common folk who simply caught a fleeting glimpse or passed alongside his casket.

Kelly recorded over fifty eyewitness accounts which he carefully preserved in his extensive notebooks—hundreds of pages of highly significant oral history—detailing Lincoln’s physical appearance, personality, and qualities as a statesman. This testimony confirmed Kelly’s belief that the real Lincoln was seldom depicted correctly in art. “Make him living!” wrote Lincoln’s Secretary William Stoddard, “for he was one of the most ‘all alive’ of men."

350 Pages, Hardcover, Index, 60 illustrations
ISBN 978-1-883926-23-6

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New Release for 2010

Tell Me of Lincoln

Memories of Abraham Lincoln,
The Civil War, & Life in Old New York

The second volume of James E. Kelly Papers is now available in a special pre-publication offer from Belle Grove Publishing Company.  This title contains over 50 never-before-published accounts of President Abraham Lincoln recorded by Historian/Artist J. E. Kelly from 1890-1920, and also Kelly's complete memoirs of growing up in New York City during the Civil War and his career as a Special Artist for Harper's Publications--along with never-before-published stories of: Edgar Allan Poe, Thomas A. Edison, Oscar Wilde, the New York City Draft Riots, and much more!

350 Pages, Hardcover, Over 60 illustrations.  $27.00 plus shipping.

Tell Me of Lincoln

Civil War Times Illustrated calls GENERALS IN BRONZE


In the decades that followed the American Civil War, Artist James Edward Kelly (1855-1933) conducted in-depth interviews with more than forty Union Generals in an effort to accurately portray them in their greatest moment of glory. Kelly explained:

"I had always felt a great lack of certain personal details. I made up my mind to ask from the living officers every question that I would have asked Washington or his generals had they posed for me, such as: What they considered the principal incidents in their career and particulars about costumes and surroundings."

Interviewing General Joshua Chamberlain, Kelly asked about the charge at Fort Damnation. General Chamberlain acquiesced, but then added, "I don't see how you can show this in a picture." Just tell me the facts," Kelly responded, "and I'll attend to the picture."

And by recording those stirring facts, Kelly left us not only his wonderful art, but a truly unique picture of the lives of the great figures of the American Civil War. Featuring interviews with Generals Grant, Sherman, Sheridan, Hancock, Chamberlain, Webb, Hooker, Warren, Sickles, and others.

$29.00 Hardcover, 16 pages of color illustrations.


The Untold History of the Civil War

The years of 1861–1865 proved to be the most turbulent years in all of American history. During those years our nation, bitterly divided, bore witness to some of the most gruesome and bloody battles ever to be fought upon American soil.  Ever since, historians have tried to relay an accurate accounting of the events that transpired during those desperate years. Now at long last, those stories will be told, the way they were meant to be—by the people who were actually there.

Here at Belle Grove Publishing Company, we are proud to bring you these stories in high-quality book publications and DVDs. Our releases feature stories that you and your whole family will surely benefit from.

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Civil War History That Everyone Can Appreciate

Whether you're a historian seeking to broaden your perception and understanding of the Civil War or a Civil War enthusiast looking for personal enrichment from our nation's vast history, you will surely find an affordable item with Belle Grove Publications! Our publications are unlike any other books or DVDs released regarding this topic. Our releases feature in-depth interviews that expose facts and information never seen or heard of before. We are confident that these compelling stories will move you and touch your heart in a way you never thought possible. Contact us today to order your piece of authentic Civil War history!

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